Damac is a famous construction company with a huge advertisement campaign for Expo2020 in Dubai.
Damac name is coming from Darya Machine Company (Sea Machine Co.) and was a Shiiping forwarder agency which felt the need of market for a developed Dubai years ago. In recession time, Damac was amongst the worse companies as its policies were based on: Loans & Brands. It means, Damac could convince bankers dangerously to offer loans for construction plans. Obviously, when the buyers felt danger, they stopped installments and those Branded Properties hot the ground. Damac is selling properties for luxurious buyers as it claims and who doesn’t like to be called a Luxury Person?
Yet Damac still is playing the gambling game over the properties and the UAE rulers should control more precisely this company and the similar companies to keep the market stable.

We said that such companies sell the brands:
First Damac Brand with sexy beautiful girls. Then famous world brands like Versace.
Secondly they do not have huge investment and capital. It means they do not own all the machinery involved in their projects. They do not own all the lands involved in their projects and the staff and workers, as well. They pretend so. But the fact is nothing behind the scene.
For instance, they do not have estimation staff. They even do not own an estimation software. They rent what they need for the minimum possible period of time. Our software, is one of the things that such contractors, Developers or Investors simply RENT & this is true all over the world!
What are the 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Estimating Services?
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