Are we safe from frauds in construction projects?
Personally I have seen many fraud cases in my life. In construction, my experience goes to the days, I was living in Dubai.
A developer could not reach to the scheduled plan while claimed the installments based on the contracts with the end-users for months. The main reason was, the engineers and estimators had not consider many local factors in Dubai. Apart from International and Political risks in UAE as a construction hub, they simply had not consider the weather effect. When a new rule came to the game which did not allow any employer makes the workers continue working between 12:00 AM – 3:00 AM or even more in Ramadhan months, no contractor could withstand more!

In fact, a good method to control all the parameters is a modern, computerized, precise instrument like ours plus an experienced local manager to be able to predict and control the problematic parameters in his/her job.
When using a construction estimating software system, your business will be able to create estimates that utilize similar procedures every time you begin a new project. This allows for consistency across all project scopes – by using the same procedures, formulas and estimation tools every time, you can rest assured your data will be consistent and reliable. In addition, there are software options that maintain a database of costs and prices that may be updated as required, providing your cost estimator with valuable tools they can use in the future, avoiding costly build overruns. Such features make it possible to cross-analyze past projects, establish a feasible construction time-frame, and implement streamlined systems and best practices.