It is completely clear that not only the quantity but also in some cases, the quality of the material you need is different when you are constructing a Villa with a sky scrapper!
Thus no wonder that when you go higher in the number of the floors the data set you require is different.

In the meantime, when you are building a Hotel, many considerations come into the game. For instance you need big restaurant(s) in a hotel, but in a resident, you need to focus more on the children safety & health. Or when you are building a home, you just need the parking lot but in a hospital, you need emergency entrance/exit separated space and gates.
Considering that in this system, in general, 19 economic variables along with the financial information of the project have been used for forecasting, it is necessary for the system manager to determine for each educational model which of the economic variables he wants to use in the educational model. For example, in construction projects up to 9 floors, it may use all economic variables, but in a hospital project, it may use 15 variables as input to the educational model. It should be noted that the column number for each variable must be the same as the column number in the training Excel file.