Who has benefit from Civil Costimator?

As each construction project has its own client ideas, roles, and objectives, the characteristics of the contract and bidding behaviour are mainly affected by client type. There are seven different types of clients as classified mainly:

(1)          Government.

(2)          Housing Authority.

(3)          Other public sector clients.

(4)          Large developers.

(5)          Large industrial, commercial, and retailing organizations.

(6)          Medium and small industrial, commercial, and retailing organizations.

(7)          Other private sector clients.

Let us discuss these 7 stakeholders more:

Mr. Smith wants to make his home. First of all the government should define the policies and show the people where they may do the construction projects. Ministry of Environment should approve.(1) & (2)
Mr. Smith goes to sign an agreement with a developer and a land seller. (3) & (4)

In the same time, some of the brokers should rent a house to the Smith family to live in while the project is under construction. Mr. Smith goes to apply a loan. The bank should check the project. The insurance company should insure the project’s loan. (5) & (6) & (7)

And the story goes on…

Some cold days may delay the project. Economic values may differ during a year. Inflation may enter into the game. So, how are these variables considered b all the above parties, if an improved modern experienced method of estimation is not applied??

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