All of us like old friends, old books, old photos, etc. Some people best hobby is collecting the old things for their albums like stamps or even antique items. Personally, I have an album of stamps, a collection of coins and a collection of matches and love them very much as I have memories with them!
In Industry and science, the story is different. All of us have seen the Efficiency stickers on various equipment we use at home. They show the Energy Consumption. The less consumed, the better the product.
But it is not whole the story. Any latest new tool, instrument or software, has many advantages compared to its ancestors as science is improving fast. It is said that any new technology has a life of 45 minutes. It means every 45 minutes, a new invention is made over the same thing which was just improved, invented or imagined!
Consider the TV produced in 1960 with the TV produced in 2022. In such a time, less than a century, many changes in TV production technology has appeared and OLED TV are among them.
The same is true between a mobile App made in 2015 and 2022. The only point is the speed of IT technology improvement. Now, AI and ML are a fixed element of IT science. While those days, even smart mobiles were not so popular like today.
Even if you buy an internet subscription, there is something new nowadays like Starlink which has a dedicated application, too. It means, internet itself is not an exception of this law. Let alone other things which benefit from internet.
So the most important advantage of our product, compared to the traditional estimation of costs, is using high modern technology of Artificial Intelligence. This is not something related to the human taste or decision but to the machines and computers. May it be a weakness, too? IT depends really to many parameters but in case we fly to Mars, we need to use this sort of things instead of taking a cost estimator in our spaceship backseat!