What is scability in a startup?
“Scalability is a system’s readiness to handle growth. It demonstrates a startup’s ability to increase production or accommodate more customers when necessary. Startups that prove they can scale up as they grow are more attractive to investors, who see them as less risky investments.”

This is the nature of software and IT products to be extensible and more improved. All of us have seen the various version of Windows as the most famous product of Microsoft. Even it is touchable in the mobile phones or Antivirus software…
Our product can be improved because the dataset which is fed to the system is endless. You can train the AI of Civilcostimator to be able to recognize more countries parameters and take more parameters in one specified country into consideration, even.

All of these chances, makes it scalable to sell in huge quantity worldwide. For Canada, which is an immigration destination, it is obviously seen that a new generation of construction should be produced quickly to satisfy the needs. This is the point, where we say, Civilcostimator is scalable for sure.
In case you add other immigration destination like European countries or Australia, the scalability of this product goes higher and higher, without any doubt.