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We are a High Tech Company and we provide a better estimating service to the clients at a fraction of the price of the human experts using the existing software solutions. The software is available 24/7 from every place since its core technology is in a cloud server and can be accessed via smartphone.

our product uses advanced technology improves quality, creates higher accuracy and faster result all of which reduce the overall cost of providing an estimate.

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Just in the US there were 217,400 cost estimators in 2018. Therefore, an expected number of job estimators in the US can be estimated at 258,292 in 2020. Assuming the same median pay of $64,040, one can calculate that a total of US$16.5 billion will be paid as salary to cost estimator just in the US.



Our customers are project managers, developers, investors, and general contractors – in brief, these are the entities that need to have a construction job estimate done quickly and accurately.

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About Our Product

Our product may also be considered as a replacement for what the industry is paying now to the estimating professionals and software applications – about US$15 billion just in the US.

We anticipate that with the urban population density growing so rapidly, needs for complex construction projects to house and to provide various services must be developed. With our technology, construction job estimating, and management will be much more accurate and much faster than today’s solutions.


The other aspect of our study is the total money that the industry spends on estimating construction projects cost in hiring cost estimators who collect and analyze data in order to estimate the time, money, materials, and labor required to make a product or provide a service. We expect that our product will displace some of these jobs due to the efficiency that we bring to this process.



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 Construction has been a major economic driver for many nations. Construction projects vary in their magnitude and complexity. As the world population continues to grow, the need for more complex construction projects will continue to increase.

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