About Civil Costimator

Civilcostimator, as an incorporation in Canada, is a company who owns a software with the same name which estimates the cost of construction projects based on the data provided to the system from local Central Bank and using Artificial Intelligence.


Description of Business

We are a High Tech Company and we provide a better estimating service to the clients at a fraction of the price of the human experts using the existing software solutions. The software is available 24/7 from every place since its core technology is in a cloud server and can be accessed via smartphone.


Civil Application :

We anticipate that with the urban population density growing so rapidly, needs for complex construction projects to house and to provide various services must be developed. With our technology, construction job estimating, and management will be much more accurate and much faster than today’s solutions.




We will use computer learning algorithms in combination with artificial neural networks to accurately determine the construction cost and selling price of any type of building or structure anywhere in the world 24x7. We will do so by making our construction cost and price estimating software cloud-based and user-friendly to work with computers and smart mobile devices.


To be the predominant construction assessment software provider and to be recognized as the leading SaaS (Software as a Service) developer with a product that is accurate, speedy, and has an extremely friendly user interface to help investors and developers to make profitable financial decisions.

Civil Creative Team


Mr. Houman Damangir

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Reza Damangir

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Shahram Laleh

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Hadi Dadpoor

Chief Product Officer

Mr. Shahram Mahmoudzadeh

Chief Quality Officer (CQO)