Is our product scalable?

What is scability in a startup?
“Scalability is a system’s readiness to handle growth. It demonstrates a startup’s ability to increase production or accommodate more customers when necessary. Startups that prove they can scale up as they grow are more attractive to investors, who see them as less risky investments.”

This is the nature of software and IT products to be extensible and more improved. All of us have seen the various version of Windows as the most famous product of Microsoft. Even it is touchable in the mobile phones or Antivirus software…
Our product can be improved because the dataset which is fed to the system is endless. You can train the AI of Civilcostimator to be able to recognize more countries parameters and take more parameters in one specified country into consideration, even.

All of these chances, makes it scalable to sell in huge quantity worldwide. For Canada, which is an immigration destination, it is obviously seen that a new generation of construction should be produced quickly to satisfy the needs. This is the point, where we say, Civilcostimator is scalable for sure.
In case you add other immigration destination like European countries or Australia, the scalability of this product goes higher and higher, without any doubt.


What is our power of competition?

All of us like old friends, old books, old photos, etc. Some people best hobby is collecting the old things for their albums like stamps or even antique items. Personally, I have an album of stamps, a collection of coins and a collection of matches and love them very much as I have memories with them!
In Industry and science, the story is different. All of us have seen the Efficiency stickers on various equipment we use at home. They show the Energy Consumption. The less consumed, the better the product.
But it is not whole the story. Any latest new tool, instrument or software, has many advantages compared to its ancestors as science is improving fast. It is said that any new technology has a life of 45 minutes. It means every 45 minutes, a new invention is made over the same thing which was just improved, invented or imagined!
Consider the TV produced in 1960 with the TV produced in 2022. In such a time, less than a century, many changes in TV production technology has appeared and OLED TV are among them.
The same is true between a mobile App made in 2015 and 2022. The only point is the speed of IT technology improvement. Now, AI and ML are a fixed element of IT science. While those days, even smart mobiles were not so popular like today.
Even if you buy an internet subscription, there is something new nowadays like Starlink which has a dedicated application, too. It means, internet itself is not an exception of this law. Let alone other things which benefit from internet.
So the most important advantage of our product, compared to the traditional estimation of costs, is using high modern technology of Artificial Intelligence. This is not something related to the human taste or decision but to the machines and computers. May it be a weakness, too? IT depends really to many parameters but in case we fly to Mars, we need to use this sort of things instead of taking a cost estimator in our spaceship backseat!


Economic Variables

In our software various categories are considered for a construction project. Type of the project, Place of Project, Number of floors, etc.
According to a Mathematical Theory, if we have 5 seasons data of a specified place, without changes caused for force majeure, we can expect the prediction for the next season is acceptable.
• It shows the season regarding which the dataset has been feed to the system. Normally 5 or more previous seasons should be feed.
• Due to the fact that in this system 19 economic variables are used for training as input and the end user of the system should not be involved in entering this information when defining project information for forecasting, this access is given to the system administrator to provide economic information and enter each chapter in this section so that the end user can automatically extract economic variables and specify them as neural network input when specifying the year and start season of the system project.


Model variables

It is completely clear that not only the quantity but also in some cases, the quality of the material you need is different when you are constructing a Villa with a sky scrapper!
Thus no wonder that when you go higher in the number of the floors the data set you require is different.

In the meantime, when you are building a Hotel, many considerations come into the game. For instance you need big restaurant(s) in a hotel, but in a resident, you need to focus more on the children safety & health. Or when you are building a home, you just need the parking lot but in a hospital, you need emergency entrance/exit separated space and gates.
Considering that in this system, in general, 19 economic variables along with the financial information of the project have been used for forecasting, it is necessary for the system manager to determine for each educational model which of the economic variables he wants to use in the educational model. For example, in construction projects up to 9 floors, it may use all economic variables, but in a hospital project, it may use 15 variables as input to the educational model. It should be noted that the column number for each variable must be the same as the column number in the training Excel file.

civil costimator5

Construction Operations’ Icebergs

The TIP OF THE ICEBERG is an expression of a visible small problem which is followed by huge unseen problem which are following the first one.


March 2020
Idea and Business Plan


Reza Damangir 20% ownership (CEO)

Houman Damangir 20% ownership (CTO)

Shahram Laleh 20% ownership (COO)

Shahram Mahmoudzadeh Hashtroudi 20% ownership (CQO)

Hadi Dadpoor 20% ownership (CPO)

Business Description:

Using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to estimate any complex construction project anywhere in the world at any time of the day. Creation competitive advantage in using ML and AI is in removing any subjectivity in inputting cost parameters using the conventional software packages.

Business Goals:

The main goal of Civil Costimator Business is development a product with competitive advantage in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a cost estimate, complete Return on Investment (ROI) software solution to clients where they can quickly determine if the ROI on a project meets their business guidelines before starting. The use of advanced technology improves quality, creates higher accuracy and faster result all of which reduce the overall cost of providing an estimate. Ease of use, availability and portability of the software (anywhere and anytime) add to the convenience and minimize the opportunity cost to the investors and the developers. This product should be easily scalable and can be made to adapt to anywhere in the world. Our product is futuristic and uses technology to avoid obsolescence. Accuracy of the results, and time to an answer are the major advantages which Civil Costimator product intents to reach out them.

Business Plan Overview:

The existing construction jobs estimating software solutions do not use a machine learning approach; therefore, they are not that precise. For solving the problems mentioned in the previous sections, Civil Costimator will develop an automated cost estimation software. This system can get the project feature values from the user and automatically return the predicted cost. Contractors and investors will use this software to estimate the cost of the projects. This software solution enables them to compare among many Civil Costimator Business Plan 14 investment opportunity alternatives instantly and cheaply. The software can adapt and update its algorithm by market changes. Investors and contractors can use it on their smartphones and PCs.Civil Costimator approach is to use Machine Learning (ML) Techniques for project cost estimation. A dataset from past projects has been collected and prepared and their corresponding costs as an input to our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software solution. Then, a large portion of the dataset will be used to train a Machine Learning algorithm such as Artificial Neural Network (ANN). We used the smaller portion of the dataset to validate and to verify the error margin of the developed ANN to predict an accurate cost. We apply the learning and the verification enough times until an acceptable error margin is achieved. Subsequently, the ANN can be used as a commercially available product to predict the cost of future construction projects within a few seconds.Civil Costimator will offer a product for PC and Mac platforms (Windows and IOS) as well as smartphone platforms (IOS and Android). We will develop User Interfaces (UI) for various use cases of the application software as well as a web interface for continuous updating of the information. The ANN is placed in a cloud server for ease of access. The user prediction requests are managed by the ANN in the cloud server and the results are sent back to the UI.Therefore, we address the challenges of existing solutions. Our software uses past project data to train the ANN to predict the current project cost. Therefore, it is far more accurate than human experts. Once set up properly for a region, the SW can be used by all in that region without needing much additional input. Hence, our software will save a great deal of time in the estimating process. Our software solution also provides a better estimating service to the clients at a fraction of the price of the human experts using the existing software solutions. The software is available 24/7 from every place since its core technology is in a cloud server and can be accessed via smartphone.

Use cases:

Investors and construction companies will use Civil Costimator software solutions to evaluate multiple projects quickly and to decide which ones will generate the highest profit margin for them. Since this product is available 24x7 and via smartphone, unnecessary delays of going back to the office or relying on the “experts” to provide a cost estimate after a long period are eliminated. The investors can make decisions rapidly based on Machine Learning outbidding and outperforming the competition. Overall, Our customers are project managers, developers, investors, and general contractors – in brief, these are the entities that need to have a construction job estimate done quickly and accurately. Our ideal customers are those who work on big and complex projects where cost estimation is not easy because, in such projects, human experts and existing software solutions in the market usually will not offer an accurate estimation.


To be the predominant construction assessment software provider and to be recognized as the leading SaaS (Software as a Service) developer with a product that is accurate, speedy, and has an extremely friendly user interface to help investors and developers to make profitable financial decisions.


We will use computer learning algorithms in combination with artificial neural networks to accurately determine the construction cost and selling price of any type of building or structure anywhere in the world 24x7. We will do so by making our construction cost and price estimating software cloud-based and user-friendly to work with computers and smart mobile devices. We want to be known as the company that supports the investors and the developers in their financial decisions by providing timely and accurate data whenever they need it.

Business Model:

We intend to generate revenue from the use of our software package either in the form of a monthly subscription or per-use payment. To capture customers, we will develop a few datasets initially in certain key regions. However, we intend to charge a non-refundable fee to create a dataset for regions that certain clients want to study to start various developments. A client can purchase monthly subscriptions with no limit on the number of uses or can pay-per-use. A client can opt in to use only the construction cost estimator, the selling price estimator, or both. We will charge a monthly subscription fee per region with unlimited use for our subscribers.