Civil Costimator Application


Presently gather Civil Cost information without human mediation and mistakes, 24/7. Save the time you spend on information assortment using an App and without pain.

Cost Management

We have utilized the most recent innovation while finding some kind of harmony among cost and components. It is intended to finish the work with less cost, successfully.


Presently access your Civil Cost Estimation from anyplace utilizing a cell phone.


The only technique more inefficient than stick estimating is estimating by hand. Estimating by hand is prone to errors, is not repeatable, and a waste of your valuable time.

Beyond the time barriers

Our App predicts and help you in distinguishing any Civil Project. The development scientific instruments can assist you with doing fast and correct job.

Fast & Easy

Construction companies will use Civil software solutions to evaluate multiple projects quickly.

Related Basic Technologies


AI Powered

The investors can make decisions rapidly based on Machine Learning outbidding and outperforming the competition.


Machine Learning

The investors can make decisions rapidly based on Machine Learning outbidding and outperforming the competition.


Building Via Smartphone

Our product is available 24/7 and via smartphone,

Civil Costimator Advantages

A Tool For Investors

Civil Costimator software will allow investors to make sound decisions about their project before starting it.

A Tool For Project Managers

Civil Costimator product also allows construction project managers and contractors to accurate plan and cost estimate the construction project prior to starting it.

A Tool For Different Cities Globally

Civil Costimator proposed computational algorithm using ML is general and can be used for different regions and different cities globally.

Civil Costimator Features

. Web application / Mobile (Android and iOS) version
. Administration dashboard settings
. Back up and restoration ability
. File management
. Organization definitions
. User management with different access levels to the Civil Costimator application abilities
. Roles definitions for users as per:
      - Admin
      - Supervisor
      - User
      - Client
. Access permission to users for each page
. User(s)/Client(s) profile definition
. Construction Projects Definition (Admin side)
      - Name
      - Type
      - Project Location (Country, City type, Currency)
      - Number of indexes
      - Training Dataset
      - Indexes of each quarter importing in order to updating
. Client Entries:
      - Selecting type of project
      - Project Location (Country)
      - Project information and data